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Details about Loxper

Who we are?

Loxper is a community of people who share a basic idea - to show people interesting places and tell them local stories. In the beginning, the idea was to lift people off the couch, motivate them to be active and know the stories. In 2020, we embodied this idea in the form of an application, in which we gradually add more and more stories and interesting facts. It started with a few people - friends, some created content, some programmed , others did graphics, proofreading, tasks and puzzles. Our community is open and growing, now there are over 20 route creators in our community, some of which can be found here .


Our mission: "Shake people, revive historical stories and turn it into fun"

How does it work?

It's easy - you install the Android or iOS application on your mobile phone, choose the route you want to walk. The route will tell you where the first point to reach is. There you will find interesting facts and information about the place and the story, we will also recommend our favorite businesses. After arriving at the first point, the task (cipher or quiz) is also unlocked. Once you answer or skip the question, the next point will be unlocked. And so on to the finish line, points can of course be skipped according to your interest.



What are the rules?

For passing through the individual points and the correctly answered question, you will receive 10 Bohemian Coins, if you take the help you will get 5 Bohemian Coins. At the end of the route you will find out the overall result as well as the final time. You can then compare it with other users. You can skip individual points or tasks, in which case Bohemian Coins will not be credited to you.



What are Bohemian Coins for?

Bohemian Coins are a "cryptocurrency" mined by moving and using your brain. In the future, we plan to use the Bohemian Coins you have acquired to obtain discounts and other benefits from our partners. We will inform you.



Why should I register?

The application works without registration. In order to be able to credit you to Bohemian Coins and record your time at the end, please register using a Google account, Apple ID or email.



How much does a ticket cost?

The introductory ticket is free, so you can try Loxper. Other routes cost CZK 50, the money is used for the development of the application, its operation and as a reward for the creators of routes and tasks. You can also subscribe all the content for 299 CZK for 6 months. Thank you. In the application you will also find sponsored routes and short walks completely free!



How about tasks and ciphers?

Each stop on the route contains a simple task, quiz question or cipher. It is usually a simple question, all you have to do is answer the information texts carefully, pay attention to the surroundings or solve a simple puzzle. This manual can help you with this.

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