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1.5 km


1 h


9 places

You stand with your back to the main train station, facing the white building of Letmo shopping centre and around you is the most important public transport junction in Brno. From there, take all the traditional sightseeing tours through the city - along Masaryk Street to Svobodak, Dominican Square, around Spalicek and Old Town Hall to Zelny trh. In addition, one unusual circuit begins here. This route will take you through Brno's passages and courtyards, which are right in the city center. Every Brno "native" knows about them and commonly uses them to shorten the trip or visit of a favorite pub. You will visit all the above landmarks and you can compete, which of your teammates knows more yards in the game and who knows even more than the ones mentioned on the route. The route is 1.5 km long.


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