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Iconic places
Your video and audio guide

Why Us

We are your pocket guide to familiar and unfamiliar places. Everything you need to know when travelling and exploring can be found in our mobile app. For each location you visit, you can collect points and choose your reward.

Are you tired of planning long trips with your family or friends and looking for things to see and experience? Our app is just for you. It will guide you through the iconic places, but also the lesser-known locations. In addition, it will also recommend interesting local places to eat and drink


Call for municipalities and destination agencies

The Czech Republic is full of iconic places that are worth visiting. Do you want more domestic and foreign tourists to learn about them? Our guide to you  will help with promotion. For the first 100 places, we offer to create an audio and video guide in their location for free. Just contact us: 

How It Works
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Díky, ozve se Vám

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